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Bus Accidents

Many of us rely on public transportation to get from one place to another. We use buses or trolleys to go to work, the market, or to a friend’s house. Since the use of public transportation increases, number of serious and fatal accidents is also increasing equally. In order to meet this higher demand, bus companies have to rely on over-worked and inexperienced drivers.

Bus accidents are particularly tragic because of large potential number of injured passengers involved. Especially the most disturbing situations are accidents involving children on school buses. Bus accidents involve public buses, tour buses, and charter buses. If you are involved in a bus accident, immediately contact a New Jersey injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

personal injury law

personal injury law

Bus driver negligence


The most important factors lead to driver fatigue include too many consecutive hours of driving, unhealthy eating and drinking routines, sleeping habits, etc.

The other stresses are like dealing with difficult customers, making unanticipated route changes, navigating heavy traffic and meeting schedule deadlines.

Some solutions recommended to overcome this bus driver fatigue include providing longer rest cycles between trips, driver training for good nutrition.

The good quality sleep, regular driving breaks,proper driver training to ensure interaction with passengers and drivers are involvement in scheduling.

Law related with bus accidents

As a legal matter, a bus accident occurs when a bus is involved in an event or combination of events that causes harm like property damage, personal injuries or even death.

Victims of bus accidents should prove negligence before receiving compensation from an insurance company.

This is nothing but evidence is required to prove that someone acted in a careless and irresponsible manner.

Evidence of negligence includes eyewitness testimony, photographs of the crash site and police reports.

With the help of a personal injury attorney, a bus accident victim can earn compensation if the bus accident has caused the harm to victim;

The accident was caused by someone's recklessness and once proved the negligent party is responsible for paying compensation.

personal injury law

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If you are having trouble getting medical bills paid for by an insurance company just bring up the fact that you are going to be contacting your personal injury attorney and you will find how tone of everyone changes. If you are dealing with auto insurance company, we help you to pay you as quick as possible. A legal theory known as comparative negligence is serious if more than one party is at fault. Comparative negligence divides liability between the parties according to the percentage of fault.