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Bus accident injury claims

If the accident is caused by the driver of another car you can make a third-party claim with the driver’s insurer, thus seeking compensation for damages like medical expenses and lost income, and you will surely get an injury settlement. If the bus driver is at fault, bus accident law gets complicated since most buses are operated by government entities, like school districts and public transportation bureaus.

If the bus's insurance neglects your claim, you certainly have to file an injury claim or notice of claim with the government entity that is potentially liable for the bus accident. You need to file the claim within a relatively short period of time.

Accident attorney consultation

A good accident attorney usually knows the best insurance companies that supply you with a rental car while your car is repaired due to bus accident and paying out on a claim. They know which insurance companies have a professional estimate. Though a personal injury lawyer and insurance company is available for an accident, having an accident attorney genuinely cares what you think and how you feel and provides great support.