personal injury law

Traffic violations

Most bus accidents are traced to negligence in the form of one or more traffic violations. Some of the most common traffic violations include improper lane changing, leaving the roadway and driving on the wrong side of the road. Driver error is the main reason for most traffic violations that lead to bus accidents. Factors contributing to driver error include distractions like talking to a passenger, inattention, fatigue, drowsiness and driving under the influence (DUI).

Bus drivers are charged for protecting the lives of their passengers as well as other motorists in the road. As a result, bus drivers who are convicted of DUI face severe penalties.

Unsafe seatbelts

Usually, lap belts are mostly used in large buses to reduce injuries incurred in a head on crash. But sometimes, adding lap belts cause additional harm, especially neck and abdominal injuries. If your child or any other children has been injured in a bus accident because of improper use of seatbelts, or because of a defective seatbelt, he or she is entitled to compensation.

Roof failure

The design flaws and equipment failures that contribute to dangerous bus accidents include emergency exit failure, structural integrity failure, flammability and unsafe gas tank. If you have been in a bus accident due to equipment failure or a manufacturing defect, the bus has to be preserved to be used as evidence. A personal injury attorney help you in determining if you are eligible for compensation by the proof and other details given by you or not.